Sorry for my Absence

10176036_10202669071906369_84613848245153986_nWhen I started this blog, I was an undergraduate student doing what he thought was the “right” thing to do to get a job. I was a News Media Forecasting student taking both science and journalism classes. I was looking forward to starting graduate school and a career in higher education. I thought having my own website identity was important in that.

SPOILER ALERT: It really wasn’t. Unless you’re looking for a job in the media, no one really cares what you have on your website (as long as it’s not, you know, dumb as hell).

I also really had no need for a blog at the time. I had nothing of real import to say and, simultaneously, I was too afraid of revealing too much of myself to the wrong people.

Now, almost three years after my last post, I’ve got a different view. I’ve got a lot to say and Twitter or Facebook aren’t necessarily the best places to do that. I don’t honestly care if anyone reads what I write here. For the most part, this will be a place for me to get things off my chest and into the world. Sometimes, this will be a way for me to say the things I want to say on Twitter but will require more than 140 characters.

So if you’ve stuck around, thanks. I’m going to try to start posting more regularly and really getting some substance on here.


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